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Developing for the latest VR Platforms

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The greatest technology providing immersive interactive entertainment is VR. From smartphone VR headsets to PC-powered VR hardware, the possibilities are virtually limitless. We are using the best of modern technologies & development tools to create games in VR that are rich, detailed, story-driven, and have all of the captivating power of favored game titles for a new generation. We believe in the power to go beyond the limits of a stationary screen, and to truly experience all of the exciting adventures that await users in the Virtual World.

VR Experiences


Businesses and companies around the world are utilizing VR. “VR-cades” are opening in new locations all the time. Construction companies are using Augmented Reality to help see their designs full-size during development. Schools are using VR to educate students like never before! In the short time that has followed since VR’s resurgence into the consumer market, it has grown and found amazing ways to enhance our quality of life… and it’s still growing.

VR Experiences by DUBORD STUDIOS

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DUBORD STUDIOS was founded in 2016 following the groundbreaking resurgence of Virtual Rreality technologies. The HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, and Mobile VR headsets took the Industry by storm with their new levels of immersion and ability to expand the imagination. Truly suspend reality. Being an enthusiast in the latest emerging technologies since 2000, founder Jesse DuBord decided to establish DUBORD STUDIOS to combine his two greatest passions: deep, rich storytelling and engaging visual media. We combine modern game development technologies with visionary storytelling tactics to produce realistic, fun, memorable and meaningful experiences. DUBORD STUDIOS is one of the first studios to develop titles exclusively for VR.

Virtual Realty is the next evolution in media. One that we’ve dreamed about in science-fiction films and have pined for since Millennial adolescence. We love the thrill of experiencing something new, and nothing captivates us better than the things we see. The eyes are the window to the soul, and we’ve seen how technology has captivated our very imagination with television, computers & gaming consoles, and especially mobile devices. Now it’s time to take things further. It’s time to experience our adventures, to see our stories as first-hand eye-witnesses, and to make lasting memories unlike ever before! It’s time for VR.

We have exciting and ambitious plans to create games on all major VR platforms, so follow us on social media and we hope you’re as excited as we are for what’s ahead. Digital entertainment is on the verge of a new dawn!


Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known by his pen name, Lewis Carroll) once wrote of a tea party between a Mad Hatter, a March Hare, and a young woman named Alice. During the tea party, the Mad Hatter asks Alice a puzzling riddle: why is a raven like a writing desk? After careful thought, she couldn’t find a connection. When she asked the Hatter for the answer, he simply replied, “I have no idea!” Alice tells him, “I think you’d do better to invest your time in things other than riddles that don’t have answers to them.” Numerous readers later demanded Carroll reveal the answer to the Hatter’s riddle! Lewis mused, because little did they know anyone probing for the elusive answer was only playing into his game: exposing the need to satisfy the conventional way of thinking. The answer… was that there was truly no answer at all.

Entertaining a new idea is the first step to open your mind to a new way of thinking. Frustrating at first, because the foundation of what you’ve established in your mind begins to be knocked and tested, as if the idea itself was alive, trying to find cracks or flaws that it can improve upon. Then, as the new idea settles and gets comfortable, it begins to take root, to change things, mold things, mold us into something new. It’s these new ideas that open our minds to how we see ourselves and the world around us that hold the true power to change the world!

“So tie off the bow lines. Sail away from safe harbors. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” – Mark Twain, 1835 – 1910


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